In Loving Memory of Dovber Ben Yehudah Leib

Candle Lighting Times

We light candles before the start of every holiday and Shabbat. Find out the times in your city to light.

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Learning Center

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The Simanim – Customary Foods

Foods that are customary to eat as a good omen for the New Year. Find out the blessings and reasons.

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Times – Zmanim

There are times for everything in Judaism. Find out the right time to start or complete tasks by all day in your local are.

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Questions and Answers

Get answers to all your Rosh Hashanah questions in our question and answer database. Where you can search by topic and get answers to all your Rosh Hashanah Questions.

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Tefilos – Davening – Prayers

We spend lots of time on Rosh Hashanah Davening (Praying) to Hashem. We highlight some of the Tefilos.